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AADAT – Jal, the band

Playing in Pakistan’s underground music scene.

It’s one of Pakistan’s most cosmopolitan cities. Lahore is the capital city of the Pakistani province of Punjab, located in the north-eastern end of this region. Lahore is home to the annual Literary Festival. The city hosts the famed Walled City, Sikh shrines and the Wazir Khan mosque. Here, also you can admire the Fort and Shalimar Gardens (both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites). Don’t forget admire the Fakir Khan, a private house-museum that contains over 20,000 objects. Jal, a famous Pakistani pop rock band, was born here.

Founded in 2002, JAL is a pop rock band from Lahore (Pakistan), originally consisted of Goher Mumtaz, Atif Aslam and Omer Nadeem. They first became popular playing in Pakistan’s underground music scene, with the release of their song “Aadat“. After the success of the single, Atif Aslam parted ways with the band to pursue a career as a solo artist. This led to recruiting Farhan Saeed and Aamir Tufail. In 2004, with the release of their début studio album (Aadat), the album was declared as the best selling album of the year. The band went on to win the MTV Asia Award. In 2011, Farhan Saeed also left the band and Goher Mumtaz taking over. Their third studio album (Pyaas), was released on 2013, but immediately Aamir Tufail left the band.

AADAT – Don’t know from when some hopes are still remaining. I still miss you. Why do your remembrances still come to me? Don’t know from when no matter how far you are from me. I am still close to you. Now I am accustomed to live like this. Any hope from life, I have no complains from life as well. Now I am alive in these blue skies. The affection for you is such that it keeps on increasing.

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