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WHO LOVES DOES NOT RECOGNIZE – Leonardo Sinisgalli, the poet engineer

Coexisting between humanistic and scientific culture

In this area of Basilicata, you can visit the archaeological site of Grumentum (a city built during the III century BC), as well as the National Archaeological Museum of Alta Val d’Agri. Not only. Visiting Montemurro http://www.europethisway.com/place/montemurro-potenza-italy/ you will know the Casa delle Muse, the one that houses the book fund of the poet Leonardo Sinisgalli. In two rooms, his books and drawings, his advertisements and the tools of his work are preserved. The attic of Casa Sinisgalli, collects the material (photographs and documents, books and magazines), found in the attic of the family home. What you will see is a container for every expressive form of art.


WHO LOVES DOES NOT RECOGNIZEWho loves does not recognize, does not remember, every thought is obscure, it is foreign to every event. I realized later in all the years that the air on the hill is already lighter, the grass is warm with ferments. I had to arrive so late that I did not feel any more fright, stumble dry stubble, scratch dry walls, cover up boredom like a mirror with my breath. I am a captive bird in a golden cage. The wilderness is colorless for me. The soul has found its room around you. We like the unmade air, the quiet derelict on the plaga, the low flight of migrant birds among seaweed clusters, tattered remains of sailing ships. Beyond the labile vespero, here the pilgrims’ lovers stop, where every night a faint hope drags them beyond the bridges to a bank of swamps, passengers pushed without rest on the impassive arenas.

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