CARL LARSSON (1853/1919), SWEDISH PAINTER – When a woman become a turning point in a painter’s life

Oils, watercolors and frescoes to express pictures of calm daily life

CARL LARSSON 1/3 – At the age of thirteen, he joined the Stockholm Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. Thanks to his talent, over the years, the timid boy, born in 1853, had become a central figure in his academy. A publisher published his books (written and illustrated) containing reproductions of his watercolors, and his popularity further enhanced with his illustrated collection. “Midwinter Sacrifice”, his last monumental work (oil painting of 6×14 meters), had been commissioned for the Stockholm National Museum.

CARL LARSSON 2/3 – In 1880, working as an illustrator for books and newspapers, he decided to move to Paris. He stayed there for five years without success in field of art, but he met Karin (woman artist), who became his wife. He abandoned oil painting and started to use watercolors. The couple moved to the Swedish village of Sundborn. Their house is museum, still visitable today, furnished according to their artistic taste. He also designed sequential stories, becoming one of the first Swedish comic book makers.

CARL LARSSON 3/3 – Painting with watercolors moments of domestic life, his family members became his favorite subjects. The great decorative paints in public buildings were his most important achievements (such as the frescoes at the Opera House and the National Museum of Fine Arts), which you can admire in Stockholm. He died in his home in Sundborn in 1919. His descendants own his house and keep it open to tourists every summer (from May to October), and “Little Hyttnäs” has become one of the most famous artists’ houses in the world.

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