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Her zodiac sign is fish. She is a member of a generation of female poets and her experience of living in the US certainly has had a strong influence on her poems. In 1995 she settled in San Francisco (US), then moved to Australia, where three years later she married an Australian Urdu poet. Her fifth collection of poems was published in 2008.

The candidness and frankness of what she writes is unusual for a woman who since 2008 writes for an English-speaking audience, outside of the Pakistani community. NOSHI GILLANI was born on March 14, 1964 in Bahawalpur, becoming one of the leading Urdu poets in Pakistan. Her latest poetry book was published in 2011 (the first edition was sold out within 2 hours of the arrival on the market).

I SAY NOTHING ANYWHEREI say nothing anywhere, I am silent while you, as if my lord, order me silent. The story has something to say, but its characters are silent. Blame rains down yet, like a stone, I am silent. Till now the killer has been quite safe, because the walls and doors are silent. People demand the killer’s whereabouts, but the village guards are silent. The same chained evening, same time of year, but why this time is everyone silent?

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