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MUSAFIR – Atif Aslam

Spurred by his friends, he began to sing in public until he met a talented guitarist who gave impetus to his desire to sing. He appeared in Western newspapers for defending a spectator who during a concert had been subjected to sexual harassment. ATIF ASLAM – Pakistani singer and actor – was born in Wazirabad, March 12, 1983. As a singer he has recorded has released three albums. His debut film was one of Pakistani films with the highest recess. In August 2015, he performed for the third time at the London O2 Arena.

MUSAFIRHow will I live? Tell me, how will I live without you? Whatever may happen to us, I shall take you there, where no one can steal you from me. I shall keep you in my eyes, I won’t open my eyes no one may steal you from me. I am surrounded by darkness, come and show me my dawn, I am a lost traveller. Come and get me my home. Ky nights are awake, my mornin is bright because of you. You are the reason I live. As long as I breathe, you have right over my breath my every prayer is complete with you.

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