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THE UNDERDOGS – Romance, by Mariano Azuela

He was born in 1873 in Lagos de Moreno (Jalisco). He had grown up in the small paternal farm, and this experience affected the settings of many of his tales. At the age of fourteen he entered a Catholic seminary, but soon abandoned religious studies. He studied medicine in Guadalajara, graduating in 1899. Military doctor in the revolutionary army, he is the author of the most important novel about this part of Mexican history. The novel tells of a bitter realism quickly and concisely.

When the counterrevolutionary forces triumphed momentarily, MARIANO AZUELA had to emigrate to El Paso, Texas, where he wrote a first-hand account of fighting during the Mexican Revolution, based on his field experience. After the Mexican revolution, he moved to the Mexican capital, where he had continued to write and work as a doctor for the poor till the rest of his life. He died in Mexico City in 1952.

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