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INNOCENCE AND FRANKNESS – Noshi Gillani, writing poems in Urdu and English

Her poetic creativity has attracted international audience in Australia and Pakistan, Canada and the United States. Life abroad has increased the complexity of her poems, reinforcing her sense of female identity. In Pakistan, a woman who writes poems in Urdu, gains an international audience. Her fifth collection of poems was released in 2008. Noshi Gillani was born in 1964 in Bahawalpur, a town in the Punjab province, located near the ancient Derawar Fort in Cholistan Desert, near the India border. She studied at Bahawalpur University, then moved to Australia in 2008.

After the wedding with an Urdu Australian poet, Noshi Gillani founded the Urdu Academy in Australia in 2009, organizing monthly meetings to promote poetry and literature of her land. The frankness of his poems has garnered great consensus in translations reserved for an English-speaking audience. Her new book of poetry (The Breeze Whispers), published in Pakistan in 2011, received an extremely positive response from the public. The reason for her international success is that she translated her work in English, working with an Australian poet.

CAN SOMEONE BRING ME MY ENTIRE BEING? – Can someone bring me my entire being? My arms, my eyes, my face? I am a river flowing into the wrong sea, if only someone could restore me to the desert. Life goes on but I want no more from it than my childhood, my firefly, my doll. My vision does not admit this new season, take me back to my old dream. Of finding one face among the many in my city whose eyes can read deep into me. My life has been a boat in a whirlpool for so long. O god, please let it sink or drift back to the desert.

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