CASSANDRA AND THE WOLF – Margarita Karapanu’s novel

She was born in Athens (as a daughter of a writer), but grew up between Greece and France, studying film in Paris. First novel “Cassandra and the Wolf” of MARGARITA KARAPANU was published in France, Greece and other countires, finding the attention of critics and authors. This novel was first published in 1974 – and became a contemporary classic in Greece – telling, what fables do not say. Her second novel (The Sleepwalker) has also been translated into several languages, winning the Best Foreign Language Prize in France in 1988 The book is a masterful novel.Cassandra and the Wolf” is a small classic of Greek contemporary literature. The story behind the story is the little Cassandra, a six-year-old girl, who spies on the adult world and their lowers. The writer uses her writing to demystify the adult world and the vision they have of childhood. Page after page, you will discover the existence of a backward narrative fabric, which deforms reality with its ruthless evidence and passion.

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