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SUNIL DAS 1/2 – To prevent the production of the same type of work, he continued to change his vision of art. From the day, when people began to regard him as a painter, a huge responsibility fell on his shoulders to respond to people’s feelings. His creative horizon was inspired by the strength of moving horses.

SUNIL DAS 2/2 – He was born in Kolkata in 1939 and is known for his paintings in the bulls series. In 1955, he entered the Collegiate of Art and Crafts of Kolkata, deserving a scholarship from the French government to study at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. His works gravitated around the inherent themes in the relationship between man and woman, woman in her sexual power and in her solitude. After concretizing 88 personal exhibitions around the world, he died in 2015.

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