NOLI ME TANGERE / TOUCH ME NOT – Novel, by José Rizal

It’s a novel written by José Rizal, born in Calamba in 1861, one of the national heroes of the Philippines, during the colonization of the country by Spain. His mother, one of the most educated women of the Philippines in her time, exerted a great influence on the intellectual development of her son, an early genius, who spanned in various fields of art and literature, but also in science and technology. JOSE’ RIZAL became a revolutionary poet and writer and sculptor, painter and linguist, who could speak ten languages. His life was dedicated to Filipino nationalist movement. His execution in the heart of the winter of 1896 made him martyr.

NOLI ME TANGERE is a novel by José Rizal, published in 1887 in Berlin. With this book the author earned the shooting back, as a supposed inspiration to the revolution. The novel tells the story of a young Filipino Ibarra, who returned to his birthplace after seven years of study in Europe. To celebrate his return, a young family friend organizes a reunion party. One of the guests, a Franciscan friar, the former curate of San Diego, belittled and slandered Ibarra. Revenge was not in his plans, instead he carried through his father’s plan of putting up a school, since he believed education would pave the way to his country’s progress. In the epilogue of the novel he becomes dependent on opium and María Clara (his girlfriend) becomes a nun.

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