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LALITA LAJMI 1/2 – She described natural bond between women and between mother and daughter. She is a self-taught artist, who has not received any formal art formation. Coming from a family involved in the arts, as a child she has enjoyed classical dance. But she also had the impetus to paint, and her uncle had brought her a paint box. In 1961 she seriously began to paint, teaching art to earn money for living. She did not want to work in a movie (although her brother was a film director and actor). In the mid-1980s she was doing etching, oils and watercolors, exhibiting in international art galleries.

LALITA LAJMI 2/2 – She was born in 1932 in Kolkata, she is a well-known Indian painter. During a fifty-year artistic career, she has had several exhibitions at national and international level. She first showed her artwork at Jehangir Art Gallery as part of a group exhibition in 1961, has had a long career, and many struggles. Perhaps that is why she consistently used black, blue and sepia tones in her work. Her works include autobiographical elements, similar to the reflection of the hidden tensions between men and women. Her work has been inspired by the works of Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor and Satyajit Ray.

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