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JUAN SORIANO (1920/2006), MEXICAN PAINTER – Between portraits, still lifes and surrealistic scenes


JUAN SORIANO 1/3 – He has been one of Mexico’s most important modern artists, expressing his creativity among the imagination of Mexican muralists and experimental adventure. Http://www.juansoriano.net/biografia/bio2.html Veteran child of the Mexican Revolution was born in Guadalajara, but developed his distinctive style since he was fifteen years old in Mexico City. His early talents led him to enter the circle of artist Jesús Reyes Ferreira, who introduced him pre-Columbian and Colonial Mexican art (in addition to art, from over the ocean). He created cultural association with writer Octavio Paz and architect Luis Barragan, becoming the exponent of the New Mexican School.

JUAN SORIANO 2/3 – In 1935 he moved to the Mexican capital, entering into creative dialogue with avant-garde artists, who formed the group of Contemporary. He was also a member of the League of Revolutionary Artists, opposed to fascism and imperialism. In his painting he experimented with figurative and abstract (showing a preference for portraits and self-portraits). Among the paintings and sculptures of the National Museum of Mexican Art’s, http://nationalmuseumofmexicanart.org/content/paintings-and-sculptures there are also some of his works. He was in contact with the most important art distributor of time, which had been of paramount importance in placing his works in important local and American collections.

JUAN SORIANO 3/3 – The Philadelphia Art Museum has in its collection work called “Dead Girl”, painted when he was 18 years old. He considered the work of several artists with deep interest in popular and indigenous arts (as well as for cubism and fauvism), having known the forms of creativity of European surrealists. In the 1950s he went to Italy, inspired by classical artists, but he had also briefly lived in France. The Juan Soriano Museum site is located in the center of Cuernavaca (Morelos) http://www.at103.com/at103/juan-soriano-museum/ This 16-year-old self-taught boy, who appeared in the Mexican capital for his First personal exhibition, closed his eyes in that same city (for complications due to a serious infection) at the age of 85.

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