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GUNTHER GERZSO (1915/2000), MEXICAN PAINTER – versatile artist

SURREALIST STYLE MEXICAN PAINTER – The evolution from Mexican art to Abstract art

GUNTHER GERZSO 1/3 – He was born in Mexico City in the times of the Revolution and his father was a Hungarian immigrant. During the revolution, the economic crisis caused the family fled to Europe, but later they returned to Mexico. Not being able take care of him, his mother sent him to Switzerland, to live with his uncle (with influential name in the art world). Due to the impact of the Great Depression in Europe, in 1931 his uncle sent him back to Mexico City, where he started doing designs. He was offered a scholarship, to study at the Cleveland Play House. In the late 1930s, he started painting as a hobby.

GUNTHER GERZSO 2/3 – During time between 1942-1962, he designed sets for 250 films. The parade of actresses and interesting people he met in show business, provided him with inspiration for his canvases (mix of European and Mexican influences). In 1941 he moved to Mexico City, where he joined a group of surrealist painters. In 1953 he moved to Italy, where the coexistence with local culture built an abstract pictorial style, which he did not stop feeding (influenced by painters Tanguy and Chirico).

GUNTHER GERZSO 3/3 – Although relatively unknown outside the known art, he is viewed as comparable to Picasso. He was one of the greatest Latin American painters, who opposed the degenerated muralist movement. He was able to distill the essence of Mexico’s pre-Columbian history through colors of his abstract works, what made him one of the national most influential artists. In 1962 he withdrew from his cinematic work, starting a pictorial phase, influenced by pre-Columbian art. In 1978 he received the National Prize for Fine Arts, awarded by Mexican government. By visiting Arte Carrillo Gil (Mexico City) you can admire his “Ancient Structures”, oil painting on Masonite (92 x 60 cm).

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