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PAINTING SWEETNESS, WISDOM AND CHARM – Ivan Generalic, the man without guides

IVAN GENERALIC 1/3 – He is rarely moved from his land continuing to live a life identical to that of the peasants, loving pigeons and fishing. As a young man he worked in the fields, drawing in his spare time, even above paper bags. He was a naive painters representative of the Hlebine School, named after a village on the border with Hungary, where this style of painting was originally developed. http://meetingbenches.com/2017/04/inners-landscapes-koprivnica-krizevci-county-croatia/ Beginning in 1936, his genius had helped give birth to the Croatian naive art.

IVAN GENERALIC 2/3 – By studying painting, perspective and color, he painted scenes of daily life from the village, painting the country life, with the eyes and the soul of a farmer, including festivals and animals, day markets and people celebrating the harvests. Certainly you note his use of color with shades, which transform life into a colorful stage. Today he is considered among the great naive painters of the twentieth century, becoming a living legend. www.generalic.com He died in autumn of 1992.

IVAN GENERALIC 3/3 – The naive art has no immediate link with the cultural world, but is the common aspects of everyday life in a poetic vision of reality. In 1930, his designs were appreciated by a professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, who gave him painting lessons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qn5PjAYjmXc His first exhibition dates back to 1931, but exhibited also in Paris and Brussels, Sao Paulo and Bratislava. After marrying twice he left his creative mark to his son and his nephew (both naive painters).

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