JOURNEY UNTIL SANOK / POLAND – Museums, Trial of Icons and the beauty of the nature

In 1900 this little town had 6123 inhabitants (30% Jewish). After World War I, Sanok was incorporated into the Polish Republic. After Word War II, the town’s large population of Jews were almost all murdered during the holocaust. Tomasz Sylwester Beksiński (a popular Polish radio presenter) was born here, such as his father Zdzisław Beksiński (the painter specializing in the field of surrealism) Here was born also Zdzisław Peszkowski, one of a small group of Polish army officers, who managed to survive the 1940’ mass execution of over 20,000 Polish citizens by NKVD (the Katyn massacre).

The Museum of Folk Architecture is one of the biggest open-air museums in Poland and show cases of 19th and early 20th century life in this area of Poland. The Sanok Castle (near the centre of the old town) museum displays over 300 fine icons and also the largest author’s collection of masterpieces of Zdzisław Beksiński. Near the central square, there is a valley, where much of the Jewish population was murdered en masse by the Nazis during the Holocaust. Do not forget bring your flowers and prayers.

In the opinion of tourists visiting the Sanok County, the biggest value of this land is the beauty of the nature (habitat of over 30 rare species of birds). This land has been called by the local inhabitants as “Zwiezło” (local population thought that this place was magic). In the Sanok County, there are living believers of seven religious factions. The results? The Festival “One God – many cultures” is realized each year in July. Commemoration of their existence are numerous monuments, like wooden Orthodox Churches, one of them is dated to the 17th century.

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