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THE EXOTIC PAINTER WHO CAME FROM THE EAST – Tsuguharu Foujita, between naked woman and a multitude of cats

TSUGUHARU FOUJITA 1/3 – He (Japanese-born French painter) was born in Tokyo in 1886. He developed a very personal style of painting, which is open to the influence of Gauguin and Symbolism, painting with stylized shapes, shadows and a clear palette. He preferred the ink to Japanese technique, giving prominence to the line, instead of the volume.

    TSUGUHARU FOUJITA 2/3 – He studied at the University of Tokyo Arts, graduating in 1910, but in 1913 he left to France, studying in Paris, where he had his first studio in Montparnasse. Here he met Modigliani, Léger and Gris, becoming also a friend of Matisse. He became well known for his paintings of nudes and cats (but in reality he was a landscape painter, poster artist and muralist). After the end of his third marriage in 1931, he fled to Brazil with his new love continuing to travel and paint through all Latin America.

TSUGUHARU FOUJITA 3/3 – His strange paintings and representation often depict himself, cats or women. In 1933 he returned to Japan, where he painted the murals. For his collaboration in militarism era, he had been criticized during the war. In 1955 he obtained French citizenship, converted to Catholicism in 1959. His works are in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the National Gallery of Art Washington and the Art Museum of Los Angeles County.

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