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MANJIT BAWA 1/3 – The main charm of his paintings, is the sense saturating expanse of colour fields, which create space and define the contour of figures. Mythology and spiritual readings, weren’t the only source of his inspiration. He never worked on demand, but followed his heart, for he felt that everything has a time and place. Born in a small town of Punjab, it was tough-going for him to bring out his love for spirituality and nature, onto the canvas. Thanks to his faith and abilities, he not only realized his dreams but also made it big in the Indian world of painting.

MANJIT BAWA 2/3 – He is known for his striking portrayal of spirituality and simplicity, through his paintings. Manjit Bawa was a one of the highly-skilled artists India has had. It was under Abani Sen that Manjit gained a distinct identity and sharpened his skills as a painter. Many of his works include depiction of spiritual figures and other figures in a non-cliched and subtle way that has set him apart from the rest. Drawing was his first love and he enjoyed doing it till the end. Although his mother didn’t approve of his interest, he believed that God would provide him with food and rest.

MANJIT BAWA 3/3 – He studied at the College of Art in Delhi, and did his diploma (in Silk Screen-Printing), at the London School of Printing. He not use landscape elements, although his pictorial space is flat he defines the figure’s positions by visually relating them at different distances. His treatments of form, is essentially tonal in contour closed and compact (without any trace of the gestural application of pigments in thick layers). From 1967 to 1971 – during his Stay abroad – he held his first one-man exhibitions in London and Spain. From a stroke in 2005, he passed away inside an December day, in 2008.

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