MELANCHOLIC TENDERNESS IN PAINTING – JOE SORREN and his magical serenity of expression

JOE SORREN 1/3 – His brushstrokes are patient and fluid, but the pictures he loves are those of young people caught in instants of beauty. Unlike the majority of modern painters, he does not use computers, preferring a creative process that comes from the immediacy. He is one of the Pop Surrealism Californian leader. Looking at one of his paintings, you realize that each composition has its own hero, and his story is one that vibrates inside you.

JOE SORREN 2/3 – He lives a sincere love for nature (evident in every landscape and every animal), which portrays with the same grace with which offers expressive vitality to his human characters. The charm of his paintings has something eternal, a result that stems from the spirit that animates his personality. A phenomenal artist coming from Arizona became established at the international level thanks to a dreamy style, that makes him unique. The figures of his creative universe are always characterized by a great horizon of sweetness, where color and smooth shapes reign supreme.

JOE SORREN 3/3 – His murals adorn an outdoor wall at Heritage Square in Flagstaff, Arizona. He was born in 1970, Chicago. He grew up in Arizona, and began painting in 1991. Two years later he earned a BFA from Northern Arizona University. His artwork has appeared in various publications (including The New Yorker, Time and Rolling Stone. Warner Bros. His first solo exhibition was in 1995, and had his first retrospective in 2010.

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