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HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT I’M INTERESTING? – Sinkholes, novel page

SINKHOLES tells human stories that form the backdrop to those of two people, Petra and Jacques, the two main characters. A Slovak woman and a French sailor, both lefties, both seeking their own half unknown, where to meet. The narrative structure of the novel through mazes of anger and fear, sadness and joy, but also those of surprise and anticipation, disgust and acceptance. Each of the characters plays the crossing of the existential labyrinth (a mental latitude overlooking a thrill. https://www.amazon.ca/INGHIOTTITOI-Italian-Dante-Evangelisti-ebook/dp/B01GTSDCJC This is a page by the novel…………………………. When as in this case you do not know anything about these basic topics, the contact request has reason to live through – in this way this situation relieved him of his embarrassment to confess that she was his favorite on Skype, and replied: << Only you >>. Even this time her Slovak pen pal answered directly, while in few other passages of their chat, there were only small delays: << How do you know that I am interesting? >>. << Because you are a woman, not a girl. Because you are brave to show your face, because you have beautiful lips, because you have similar interest to mine >>. Unusually. Petra did not respond. However, he has not written anything unpleasant, but only what he really thought of this woman. He decided to urge an answer: << Are you there? Have you any problem? >>. Answer to his question came soon: << It’s too little to understand me, with my profile picture or hobbies, to penetrate my soul. My body and face, they are just my mortal frame, aren’t they? >>. The woman showed quickness of her mind, even in sharp words, her reasons sounded deep and sincere.

Jacques had to agree: << This is true, when we walk down the street, for example, we are absorbed by something, which belongs to a particular person. For example, we are not attracted by a woman in provocative poses, or to pictures on the street >>. << Yes, this is possible in our minds. Our imagination is free as a bird, and fantasy is endless. As James and Bianca, who may be who you want them to be >>. That contagious simplicity pulled two words from the mind of French – color and passion – words which he haven’t used for long time: << Petra, you should know that I am left-handed. Left-handers have right-hemisphere language dominance. This makes left-handers more likely than right handers to be creative and visual thinkers, possible to sence what others can not perceive >>. She needed several seconds to realize the full implications of the answer she raped out: << I am also left-handed! >>. Jacques was stunned by this revelation. Is this woman really left-handed? What is her real face? Is there a possibility that she faked her appearance and alleged common interests, and if so, why did she do? ………………………

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