Beaches from ocher, blue and blue sea, this is a place where time seems to stand still. Visiting the Algarve will preserve the idea that it is a place on the borders of the world. The Algarvian beaches Costa Vicentina, are the ones that you will not miss: wild scenery of breathtaking cliffs, a sea that inspires awe, but that gives an irresistible charm. The town of Tavira (small town on the sea), is the queen of this slice of wilderness, and keep a historic area dominated by a medieval castle.

Arriving in the area known as barlavento, you can stop in the city of Lagos (also on the beach), where you will find that very interesting is its the Old Town. Lagos is a city that will remain in your memory, thanks to the Praia da Dona Ana. Silves, is more distant from the sea, but retains its Arabic origins, together with a special charm that the orange groves give it, along with the scent of the sea, the wind pushes this far.

If you want to experiment to see the sea from a distance, your destination in the most southern region of Portugal is the one of the hills. A special place? Serra de Monchique, famous thanks to the village of Caldas de Monchique, where you expect a spa complex, surrounded by a hill that is the highest in the Algarve. Not far from Tavira, you can stop the Serra do Caldeirão, with its scents and its vegetation, rich in oaks. If you’re lucky, you can see an eagle or wild boars in your way.–OlsU

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