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BELVEDERE MUSEUM EXHIBITIONS – Tina Blau, until April 9, 2017

Born in Vienna in 1845, Tina Blau became one of the most successful landscapists in her years. She started taking private tuition at the age of fifteen and went on her first study trip to Transylvania at sixteen. After studying in Vienna and Munich, she made a vital contribution to developing a special style of Austrian landscape painting known as “mood or atmospheric impressionism”. At the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, there is a show featuring major works from every stage in her career (as well as previously unknown paintings, that came to light during the research for the new catalogue of the artist’s work).

The two Belvedere palaces, were built in the early eighteenth century by the architect Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt, to be used as the summer residence of Prince Eugene of Savoy. One hundred years after her death, the Belvedere is paying tribute to the painter Tina Blau  http://www.belvedere.at/en/tina_blau Visiting the exhibition, you can discover an image of a remarkably modern painter, a woman, who taught at Vienna’s art school for women and girls and (as a courageous and independent personality), exerted special influence on the next generation of young female artists. http://www.belvedere.at/en/tickets

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