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WEDDING TOURISM – Astonishing places to get married, with memories forever

bora-bora-st-regis-1-1Get married on an exotic beach, or in a princely castle, is achievable today. Anyone can give to himself or herself a dream wedding. The important tourist and hotel groups organize incredible “Weddingmoons group” for long time (Http://www.sandals.com/groups/team/) Two examples? Swear eternal love in French Polynesia (at the St. Regis Bora Bora), where you can get married under water in a lagoon, 4 meters below the ocean level. Obviously the wedding dresses are replaced by elegant mute. To express your “yes”? can you lift the thumb.paesaggio_wadi_rum_giordania-1-1

If you are not afraid of the void, you can launch yourself with a paraglider, landing in the woods, near an altar. An Italian tour operator organizes this ceremony in northern Italy, in the San Martino Valley. In the Middle East, marriage is arranged in a bedouin camp in traditional dress, with music and dancing. In Jordan, in fact, the wedding Bedouin-style takes place in the desert of Wadi Rum. The major tour operators that target Northern Europe, offer a package, including a cruise aboard on icebreaker. If you love Lapland, you can say your “yes” in the Castle of Kemi Snow, without feelin the cold, because the benches are covered with reindeer skin. http://www.thomascook.in/tcportal/honeymoon-packagesphi-phi-island-3-1

After the wedding ceremony, you will have to do two activities: plant a tree and let out a fish to the water. This is what happens in an unforgettable place of Phi Phi Island (Island of Thailand, where Buddhist monks accompany the bride and groom with songs and blessings). Would you like to go to Japan to get married with Shinto ritual? You’ll have to purify yourself in the water and wear the kimono, organizing your wedding in Shimogamo monastery, extraordinary place, embraced by “the forest of the truth”. http://katamaranresort.com/en/special-offer/view/4d3n-feel-the-lovelogo-meeting-benches

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