web-gallery-1-1Currently, this special art gallery contain over 41.100 reproductions, and also artist biographies, commentaries, guided tours, period music, catalogue, free postcard and mobile services are provided. The Web Gallery of Art, is a searchable database of European fine arts and architecture (8th-19th centuries). http://www.wga.hu/index1.html The collection, has the characteristics of a virtual museum. The experience of the visitors is enhanced by guided tours (helping to understand the artistic and historical relationship between works and artists). You can conduct your visit a number of different ways: namely by browsing the collection from the alphabetic list of artists, or using the Dual-Window Mode (which allows to run simultaneously two independent copies of two collection for more effective comparison).web-gallery-2-1

Now, we conduct our visit browsing the collection from the alphabetic list of artists, choosing Cornelis van Haarlem (a Dutch painter, born and dead in Haarlem in 1562 and 1638). Inside an short biography we can read that this painter “ranks with Hendrik Goltzius and Karel van Mander as one of the leading representatives of Mannerism in the Netherlands. The three artists founded the Haarlem Academy, which was a school for drawing from the nude. He is best known for his large biblical and historical pictures packed with athletic, life-size Italianate nudes in wrenched and sharply foreshortened positions. But he also did a few forceful portraits of individuals and groups which show that he was an important forerunner of Frans Hals. Both facets of his work can best be seen in the Frans Halsmuseum in Haarlem, where he spent most of his life, after traveling in France and the Netherlands, but not, apparently, in Italy”. logo-meeting-benches

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