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logo-meeting-benchesThe most significant feature of Indian literature is its diversity. Rabindra Nath Tagore, was one of the greatest writers in the history of Indian literature. He was the first Indian poet to gain a permanent place in the canon of world literature. He wrote in almost all literature genres, it is as a poet he was internationally recognized. His poems express romantic and mystic sensibilities, and can be compared to those of William Blake. Kamala Das is the most famous female English-language poet in India. Always on the search for pure love without restrictions, her work is the ardent expression of a sensitive soul. Many critics have observed that her writing can be termed feminist to the core. At many international universities, her poems appear in the syllabi of literary studies courses.

meeting-benches-agra-india-2AUTUMN SONG – Sarojini Naidu

Like a joy on the heart of a sorrow, The sunset hangs on a cloud. A golden storm of glittering sheaves, of fair and frail and fluttering leaves, the wild wind blows in a cloud. Hark to a voice that is calling to my heart in the voice of the wind. My heart is weary and sad and alone, for its dreams like the fluttering leaves have gone, and why should I stay behind?

meeting-benches-agra-india-3FACE TO FACE – Rabindranath Tagore

Day after day, O lord of my life, shall I stand before thee face to face. With folded hands, O lord of all worlds, shall I stand before thee face to face. Under thy great sky in solitude and silence, with humble heart shall I stand before thee face to face. In this laborious world of thine, tumultuous with toil and with struggle, among hurrying crowds shall I stand before thee face to face. And when my work shall be done in this world. O King of kings, alone and speechless, shall I stand before thee face to face.

meeting-benches-agra-india-4O JASMINE – Mohanchand

O Jasmine, lovely Jasmine, million hearts how you win. As you dance in balmy breeze, as you prance with humming bees steal my glance with naughty smile. As you wine the morning dews, as you shine in evening hues seem so divine all the while. Blooming and blushing in the bower, on everyone fragrance you shower, delighting all hearts in dull mood. In few moments you bring more cheers than the stars twinkling for million years, on your enigmatic charm I brood. O Jasmine, lovely Jasmine. Million hearts so you win.

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