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hotal-arcadia-bratislava-1-1………………………. The 16 flags above the entrance of Arcadia were driven by a slight breeze, that normally announced that season the arrival of bad weather and Cinzia Ynat watched from his window on the second floor of the hotel. When Pavel got out of the scanning window she, gave him a salute with her hand, not completely pull the red robe gold floral motif that completely covered her breasts. Pass the two columns of burnished iron dividing the input from the reception, asked a pretty girl with long hair blacks if her blue eyes were real, feeling her respond that everything was natural, but also asked to be announced to the Dr. Ynat. He observed that five stars, the first of Bratislava, located in a building of the thirteenth century. Had really been tastefully renovated, adding comfort to the historical value of the property. The hotel was located only three minutes from the Opera and Place of Hviezdoslav and its 33 luxurious rooms were equipped with every possible comfort, including spa, fitness area, sauna and massage. When the doctor Ynat opened the door, Commissioner Hochschorner needed to undo the top button of her white shirt and black tie that seemed to love him to deny the necessary oxygen to breath, stretched out his right hand to the salute, being told: << Settle Pavel, I’ve been waiting for you >>. hotel-arcadia-bratislava-2-1

He struggles to pull the hand and eye at the neckline of the shirt of the woman, because she had the first three buttons undone. Cinzia was wearing – out of jeggings Ally color uptown beat – a very feminine blouse with short sleeves and small ruffles along the placket with pointed collar and trim the same color white. Not wearing shoes with high heels, but the simple preppy ballet upper with mesh nylon and leather round toe, a double seam colors typical of Tommy Hilfiger, navy blue and white. Her long hair, the color of wheat were swept back, with one row to the left that gave prominence to her face with pronounced cheekbones. It was just beautiful as well as intelligent, and she knew to be, as well as that Pavel had noticed that morning was not wearing her wedding ring on her finger: << Pavel please, take off the jacket as well, I see that you’re hot, now put at a lower temperature, sit in the living room. I have not had breakfast, I order you in the room for two, okay? >>. ……………………………copertinainghiottitoi

Dante Evangelisti was born in Italy and graduated in Psycho-Sociology of Communication. For many years he worked for international insurance company. Painter with passion for history, geography and photography, during his travels he observed countries and human beings, preserved memories in travel diaries, useful for narrate his stories. In order to keep up all those challenging reflections, the pages were transferred into novels and poems under the pseudonym Dastilige Nevante. Sinkholes it’s one of his novels. https://www.amazon.ca/INGHIOTTITOI-Italian-Dante-Evangelisti-ebook/dp/B01GTSDCJC SINKHOLES tells human stories that form the backdrop to those of two people, Petra and Jacques, the two main characters. A Slovak woman and a French sailor, both lefties, both seeking their own half unknown, where to meet. The narrative structure of the novel through mazes of anger and fear, sadness and joy, but also those of surprise and anticipation, disgust and acceptance. Each of the characters plays the crossing of the existential labyrinth (a mental latitude overlooking a thrill.

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