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laltracampagna-copyTHE OTHER COUNTRYSIDE is the story of the end of a trip where Sabrina discovers that – in its lay volunteer experience without pay – when the horizons are tinged with pink, the diversity of places we find the east and a rising sun and warms more quickly that at our latitude, as well as discover a moon that you leave at night. Everything hinges on the same Earth, where differences, human inventions, does not exist. https://www.amazon.com/LALTRA-CAMPAGNA-Italian-Dante-Evangelisti-ebook/dp/B01H0953YG Dante Evangelisti was born in Italy and graduated in Psycho-Sociology of Communication. For many years he worked for international insurance company. Painter with passion for history, geography and photography, during his travels he observed countries and human beings, preserved memories in travel diaries, useful for narrate his stories. In order to keep up all those challenging reflections, the pages were transferred into novels and poems under the pseudonym Dastilige Nevante. The Other Countryside it’s one of his novels.kenia-1-1

……………………….. The Territorial Samburu District, Rift Valley Province, Kenya in the North-Central, had a total area of 21,000 kilometers, a population with a closed against foreigners, particularly if whites. Located between the River Wuaso, Lake Turkana and Mount Kulal, the area was inhabited by the Samburu people, and the main urban centers in the area were the main town Maralal, Baragoi, Archer’s Post, South Horr, Wamba and Lodosoit. The bishop of his diocese, erected a few years earlier by Pope John Paul II, was the town of Maralal.

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