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TRAVEL IN ITALY – October 11, 1491

leonardo-uomoMany people loves to read. Our proposal call any web-traveler to sit into Meeting Benches to share written emotions, observing new creative horizons. Readers enjoy the arts and improve their imagination. Reading makes you smarter, it improves your memory to discover and create yourself. In his book (How to Read and Why), Harold Bloom says that we should read slowly, with love and with our inner ear cocked. By reading a written description, your mind is responsible for creating that image in your head, and the worlds described in books will help you expand your understanding, even while you travel in Italy.

travelinitaly1-1MARSILIO FICINO

Love, then, beginning

with the beauty ends in joy.

And this Hierotheos

and Dionisio Ariopagita have designed,

as their anthem,

in which these theologians were singing:

“Love is a circle,

which is always good can be good,

for good laps.”

travelinitalyTRAVEL IN ITALY published by Meeting Benches in the e-book versions offers the opportunity to seize the Renaissance in a unique perception, where the joy of color blends very well-known works of art inspired by the surprise visitor from the places where Italian painters and writers have lived and worked. The expectation of those who browse the pages of this diary-atlas will not be lost, because they walk in the itinerary without time in which the past and the present merge in the eyes and emotions of the reader.

Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to travel the same way. All you have to do is have the time in your life. Meeting Benches. The way to make the world a better place is easy. Choose a bench, where you can publish, choose what you have painted or written, a review of a book that you’ve read, or the story of a journey that you have made. Past and Present are here and now. Our proposal call any web-traveler to sit into Meeting Benches to share emotions, observing new creative horizons.

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