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inkaterra1-1In Tambopata (on the border with Brazil, along the banks of the Madre de Dios River), you can experience the hotel Inkaterra, in Perù. When you arrive to your destination, even for you will open special doors, Inkaterra Machu Picchu http://www.inkaterra.com Get ready to enjoy a surreal scene, inside a forest floating in the clouds. Get ready for a pleasant feeling of Andean wellbeing. Incredibly, there is also the possibility of a relaxing sauna inside a hut, but also your bathroom into a natural pool, certainly, will stay in your best memories.

inkaterra2-1This is an experience at 30 meters in height, different from that of traditional resort for your honeymoon wild, because you are in the jungle, in a shelter on a tree. The night sounds of the Amazon forest and the symphony of tropical birds, are the protagonists of your special concert, the one where nature writes its musical score, and where you have no need for an elegant dress. Wearing only your skin, get carried away by the rhythms of the forest. After sleeping in your room so that minimalist, you can take refreshment yourself with a healthy breakfast, with the wild background of the jungle that surrounds you completely.inkaterra3-1

Now that you’ve had breakfast, we can start the arduous jungle towards suspension bridges and shore excursions (both day and night, take your pick). Something special? We can go on the slopes of Machu Picchu (in Urubamba Valley), where we expect an archaeological site Inca. We shall start from Cusco, through the Inkatrain (the Orient Express of the Andes), where with eyes suspended in the sky, through a roof, we will admire the most spectacular first vision of the planet: the spectacular Andean mountain view http://incarail.com/executive-class.html

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