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TWELVE ISLANDS, IN A PALETTE OF EMOTIONS – Wroclaw, the Venice of the North

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Imagine a triangle, imagine that the sides of this triangle are three cultural heritages (Poland, Czech Republic and Germany), imagines that in that city you can walk in the streets of the District of Reconciliation, admiring the Nativity Cathedral, the Catholic Church of St. Anthony Padua, the Evangelical Church of Providence and the White Stork Synagogue. Among the many wonders of Poland, a town has a special place in our memories. Wroclaw, the Venice of the North, has a special charm, where an extreme variety of architectures dance right before your eyes, next to a river and twelve islands connected together by a series of bridges.

After World War II, Wroclaw was reconstructed, adding the footsteps of his past the creative joy of colorful houses with sloping roof. Our idea is to start walking right away in the heart of the city, Rynek Square, rebuilt with buildings in liberty and the neoclassical style. That gift gallery, in the center of the square, is the Fondaco of fabrics. Now, here is the Town Hall, surrounded by a myriad of bourgeois mansions, often renaissance. A look around us, and the center of the Rynek Square gives us a show that whets our appetite: restaurants, many restaurants, and for any taste.wraklow3.1

Perhaps you too – like all those people who observe the red brick of the Town Hall Ratusz – are you fascinated by the Gothic wonder. If you want, we can go towards the eastern facade, to photograph his 17 pinnacles and astronomical clock. Want to see a starry sky at noon? We enter the Hall of Great Council, in its Gothic vaulted stars, you will start to count the stars! These delicious noises? At midday the figurines to the sides of the watch out of their lodgings, accompanied by this pleasant melody.wraklow4.1

That is the Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, with a stunning Gothic architecture of the fourteenth century. We enter, you’ll discover that the church has three naves and a Baroque altar. Once its tower was the highest point of Wroclaw: 130 meters. Before eating at the restaurant Abrams’ Tower (a place where you can also sleep) we can climb its 304 steps to observe and remember the town, almost flying. To digest, we can walk on the banks of the Odra River, observing the University. That is his Mathematical Tower (it was an astronomical observatory), and its four statues have Medicine and Philosophy, Law and Theology.

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