A FASCINATE AND WONDERFUL ADVENTURE – Furrowing the savage and imposing Paraguay river

rivercruise1.1Paraguay is divided in two by the Rio Paraguay to the east of the river is the Oriente, to the west is the Chaco). This is a country with a past, a place with a romantic’s soul. Historically, Paraguay has been a place to disappear. Paraguay is a country with a twisting, turning, complicated past that, at one time in its history, almost ceased to be at all. Folks on the lamb from far and wide have sought out this country (because it has something people who don’t want to be found appreciate, low population density, at least in parts). Most of the tourist attractions in Paraguay are natural (lakes, rivers, and waterfalls) and outside the city of Asunción (he city was founded on August 15th1537, and has been called mother of cities, because during the colonial age Asunción became an important place to rest and a supplying center for those who arrived from Europe and the River Plate). http://www.mapsofworld.com/paraguay/tourism/

rivercruise2.1Paraguay cruise journey is a wonderful one to explore the beauty of the wooded Gran Chaco region. There is an excellent weather perfect for eco-tourism. Another area is the Pantanal which is a wetland area and flows from northern region of Paraguay to Brazil and Bolivia. http://www.covitour.com/en-sudamerica-cruceros-detalle.php?crucero=paraguay Moving with the bus, the trip from Buenos Aires to Asuncion was about 16 hours, and relatively painless. Roads are of various conditions. Aside from the main highways, speed bumps and pot holes are common. All traffic (particularly motorcycles) do not have headlights, so visibility at night can be restricted. Attractive excursions can be made on Sundays (from 10:00 to 16:30 hours), departing from the station Estación Botánico in Asunción, passing Luque on the way to Areguá. From there the train returns to Estación Botánico. Tickets are sold at the Central Station and the Estación Botánico. Refreshments are served on board, where an attractive show goes on during the trip, offering a vivid experience of the old times of our history.

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