IN THE LAND OF DON QUIJOTE DE LA MANCHA – Travel to Consuegra, Spain

intheland1.1If you have planned your trip to Spain, remember that there is a path – the ruta de Don Qujote – which retraces the places described by Cervantes, that is, the ability to linger just off of each of the twelve mills (all arranged on the rocky Colle Calderico, all baptized with names extracted from the work of Cervantes). Coming, even from a distance you will see those white windmills springing up in the sunshine of Castile-La Mancha, in the heart of Spain, between olive trees and ocher hills and tobacco. Obviously, it is throughout the region that appear windmills, but any mill thou observe, it advises the hidalgo exploits Don Quixote, the man who mistook the tall rocky facilities fearsome giants.

When you’re south of Toledo (in the surroundings of the town of Consuegra, a place where nature is capricious), you enter in a special geographic latitude, where the hand of man has built castles and streets that invite you to the trip. Stop watching those round and gigantic mills, not only beautiful to photograph, but to breathe and listen. In particular, the mill Sancho (one dating back to the sixteenth century structure), will offer you a further opportunity for joy: Connect the smell of saffron to the pages of an unforgettable novel.



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