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Knowing a nation, it is also “feel” its literature. Welcome to the German-language literature. The Meeting Benches way: a perfectly proportioned man, was created by Leonardo da Vinci, correlating the symmetry of human anatomy to the symmetry of the universe. That geometrical way of the mind, could live with the simplicity of the sides of a charming square, where joy, surprise, expectations and approval are four emotions in motion. What you see, hear, eat and feel, it’s all inside Meeting Benches way: the Vitruvian approach to life.novel.1.1

A police commissioner, a waitress and a journalist. Moeding, Blum and Totges, these are the interpreters of a drama that unfolds in the pages of this novel. Imagine the eve of a carnival – one in February 1974 – and imagine that Katharina Blum leaves the house to go dancing. That woman will need to visit the commissioner Moeding. A murder, a love and a relentless media campaign, are the ingredients of this intriguing story.

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