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HAMBURG’S ART EXHIBITIONS: Vera Munro Gallery, Hamburger Kunsthalle and Galerie Molitoris

Knowing a nation, it is also “feel” its cities. Welcome to Hamburg. The Meeting Benches way: a perfectly proportioned man, was created by Leonardo da Vinci, correlating the symmetry of human anatomy to the symmetry of the universe. That geometrical way of the mind, could live with the simplicity of the sides of a charming square, where joy, surprise, expectations and approval are four emotions in motion. What you see, hear, eat and feel, it’s all inside Meeting Benches way: the Vitruvian approach to life.

Someone added a personal note, after visiting Hamburg “is the Venice of the North”. Yes, the charm of a port city is the same, since the atmosphere – that is, things that you see and that you “feel” – are apparently identical. Certainly, in your travel plans, you have expected to see the Rathaus (in Gothic, Baroque and neo-Renaissance) and the Church of San Michele (the most beautiful of Gemany), but do not forget to shop, walking in Jungfernstieg). Perhaps, you want to see the Kunsthalle (paintings captive, from Tiepolo to Munch, Manet, Klee), and the fascinating HafenCity, because observing houses in red brick, along with those of glass and concrete, it is always stimulating.hamburg1.1

Sankt Pauli and the port, they are a favorite destination for sailors arriving from around the world, but if you want to go in this part of town, you should use caution. If you want to – in this area – try an interesting experience, you can enter the Speicherstadt, the city of warehouses. Of course, it will also come the time to eat, but as you know, our suggestion is to “feel” smells and tastes of the city you visit: sausage and sauerkraut, fish (of all types, with spices that you desire), drinking beer and enjoying delicious sweets marzipan. Before leaving, to stimulate your creativity, three places of art for you:



Vera Munro Gallery – Heilwigstrasse 64, Hamburg


Hamburger Kunsthalle – Glockengießerwall, Hamburg


Galerie Molitoris – Eichenstraße 46, Hamburg


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