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UNITED COLORS OF THE NIGHT: Falling petals, light food for poppies

BOOKS.1.1DROPS OF DARKNESS – Akiko Yosano: From cherry blossoms fall. So, in the gray dawn, stars detach from the sky. EMBRACING EACH OTHER AT NIGHT – M. de Unamuno: Open your arms to the night, which is black, and very beautiful. The sun of life has it looked, with its eyes of fire. The sun made the black night, and so beautiful. HOW TO DROPS IN THE EVENING – L. Luisi: This is the time that brings together the dreams, and we found absorbed, and the air light flees, all in white with a large moon. IN A HOT SUMMER NIGHT – V. Watkins: Midsummer Night, Eden air without wind, with strange sinuous vines, where the wing beats of the moth. LANGUID EVENING – FM Martini: It bleeds among the tiles, in the evening. Soul, do not look. Life today is dressed in orris root. MOMENTS OF THE NIGHT – H. Van den Bergh: The moon blazing rows, along the cliffs of the clouds, and the world is purple. NIGHT FALLS – F. Garcia Lorca: The night knocks shaking the window panes, chased by a thousand dogs who do not know. NIGHT SONG – P. Neruda: Night, my night. You are beautiful, because you offer food, with your dark blood, to the rising poppy. You are beautiful because you work with closed eyes, because they open eyes. You are beautiful because the water singing, and because our lives are raised.  

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