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YOUR HOUSE IN GREECE, SKOPELOS: Holidays in Sporades Islands

I see a little bit of sadness in your eyes, because to go away from the island of Skiathos made you sad. Do not worry, in fact, we will not have to cross a great sea to get to the island of Skopelos, also in this archipelago of islands Sporades. Why, today I want to go with you on this island? I’ll tell you the truth, but will remain our secret: Tourism has not submerged the real nature of this island oddly shaped (nowhere near that of England, though smaller). To begin, remember three things: pine forests, beaches and fruit, lots of fruit. When we visit the town of Skopelos, we can see its 123 churches, but we will start our tour intriguing in its cobbled lanes, and observing them understand the intimate nature of this land. http://www.greeka.com/sporades/skopelos/skopelos-tourism.htm skopelos1.1

Those little streets that lead from the sea to the city, are in fact a mosaic of stones and shells, and the sides of these roads that seem to streams, we can see many small shops of fruit (one that I prefer are the plums). The hills are dotted with monasteries, and I would like to take you on Mount Palouki, Moni Taxiarchon, a place with few humans, but with all the nuances of the suggestion that nature is able to create. I would also like to take you into the interior of the island, to visit at least one farm – we call it Kalivia – where you can buy honey and fruit. http://skopelosproperty.com/

skopelos2.1For our dinner, my idea is to go to Agnontas, a small port with many taverns, all next to the stony beach. Choose your favorite rock, before going into the small beach Adrina, to our hotel. We can lean out the window of our room, put your stone above the sill, and observing the small island of Dasia, right in front of us. Behind, the sun will fall asleep. http://www.skopelosvillagehotel.com/

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