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WANT, REPORTS, LANGUAGE: Poetry by Uwe Kolbe


uwe1.1Urgent desire, said the thirteenth fairy, alighting on my head. Blue radiant! Rang out from the slopes of Pompei, I was looking at, chased, but safe. The boat went, canvas slammed iron, iron screeched on wood, who had demanded an answer, not me, I felt the voices of the body. Who asked you trusted banks. Gasped, I absorbed acids, the brat was brought to the hospital. The boat now sold, removed from under the seat, heels drilled, turned into pendulum, dangled, fairy down, solcavamo earth, odoravamo seasonal mushrooms. Child was lost, I learned to read the writing on the walls of Pompeii, nothing lasted, there he was, seen through the heart of each fairy, a magnifying glass and remained so festered, the digging of the soul in connection spastic and fantastic. Earlier lust without resistance, the original text in my beloved German.

(Uwe Kolbe)

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