TRIP TO SCANDINAVIA: The tenth section, by Mo i Rana to Narvik

narvik.fagernesfjellet.1Ready for our tenth day in Scandinavia? Well, today a path undemanding – just 350 km – that will lead up to Narvik, the port (or rather, “the door”) to the islands of Lofoten and Vesteralen. Released from Mo i Rana, Rana travel along the great valley of meadows and forests of birch, but we will have to make a left turn, not only to see the charming little lake Svartisvatn, but also the huge glacier Svartisen. After Fauske and Bodo, we’ll dive in amazing scenery, from postcard: lakes and fjords, forests and small villages.

A Sommerset take the ferry and head to Narvik, , where we will stop for a day, to add something valuable to our memories. We could – for example – visit Krigsmuseum (reenactment of the Battle of Narvik), or IKAB Malmkaiene (large piers of iron ore), we take the cable car to Fagernesfjell (a beautiful hill, overlooking the fjord and the city), where one can observe the “midnight sun”, which is always possible from May to July. Our dinner? “Linken Restaurant og Bar” (Kongens Gate 64), with an interesting menu based on local food from local producers.

If you still want to look at the previous stages, I will join the corresponding files:



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