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THE HEAT OF PAMPLONA: A hat Elosegui and bocadillos, waiting for the bulls

cappello2.1Perhaps you are also arrived in Pamplona through a particular road, the one that goes in the abbey Ronceveaux. I hope that those 50 km of curves have been interesting for you (but certainly helpful), to get here, next to the noise, the color and the warmth of my city. I’ll take you – immediately – where all my friends want to go, in the Plaza de Toros. In the old town, everything changes when the evening comes, because we will see taverns and bars fill with people, all with the same our desire: eat tapas and bocadillos, drinking good wine of this land. pamplona.1.1

Before the shops close, I will gladly accompany you to buy a hat (not a hat any, but a Basque, a true “Elosegui”). Tomorrow morning, when I will come to your hotel (Hostel Hemingway, five minutes walk from the Plaza de Toros), use this hat – will be a hot day and colored – to go and see a legendary store hams, go to Bar Casa Jesus Mari (San Agustín, 21 bajo), los mejores bocadillos en el mejor de Pamplona environment.;label=pamplona-mbaYiDIQOk6vnSG%2AEdjc2AS31247463805%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap155%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg;sid=18c1c2ce21109c706ec408dd16370e65;dcid=4;dist=0;type=total&

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