GREEK ISLANDS IN MAY: Wreaths and wild garlic soup mageritza and joy

grecia1.1Of course, even in Greece life follows the rhythm of the seasons. The holidays, a few special places, have their roots in ancient times, when they celebrated the harvest of grapes, wheat and olives. This is important to keep in mind when you decided to go to this fascinating destination. Where and when. In this month, May is filled with “Protomagia”, adorning houses with beautiful and colorful crowns made of flowers and wild garlic. Santorini Island, Greece

If your destination is Greece, reminds Agios Konstantinos kai Agia Eléni – May 21 – when you can participate in the festivities (that happen everywhere, in Greece, on this date), remembering Constantine and his mother, the first rulers of the Byzantine Orthodox faith . Up to 40 days after Easter, when you choose your restaurant, remember three things to eat: egg loaves, biscuits, soup “mageritza” and roast veal.


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