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CONTACT IX: Poetry, by Marly de Oliveira


sera.1.1In the evening in peace, blue of spreads on everything a liquid silence, and instead leaves me alone, secluded, faithful observer of a nagging soliloquy loving propiziato by your absence and my unfortunate mind. Not from the yoke imposed and uncertain state, no one free, that this evil of today, still is good in but transfigured, thanks to the distance and the memory, not the case or the dream, not the cuttlefish, which sometimes covers the ground of melancholic landscapes. What night, empty, filled shapes created from imagining adventurous (which even sleep quiets), they get up from me to you, growing up in the air, without questions, intentions, certainties, and in dense coils gently lead, impregnated with clear darkness . Here the solitude sad, indeed, the ancient fertile nature, sleeping in so great myth captivated.

(Marly de Oliveira)

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