UNITED COLORS OF POVERTY – Deception of the friendships, friend of many or a few, food to be pitied or covet

1.1TWO SPECIES – J. P. Sartre: Of the two species poor. Those that are all together, and those that are individually. The former are true, others are of the rich unlucky. RICH FRIENDSHIPS – E. Pound: Come, compiangiamoli those who are better than us. Come, friend, and remember, that the rich have butlers and no friends, and we have friends and no butlers. 3.1STAY FREE – L. Ariosto: Grant that poverty not displease me, and that makes the riches so I do not love, that’s my freedom for his love spill. TERRESTRIAL HUNGER – Shanfara: I deception stubbornly hunger, enough to kill her. I get to gobble the silt of the earth, because for my hunger, the rich benefit should not, with his charity, contemptuous look. HAPPY POVERTY – Jacopone da Todi: Poverty in love, great is your lordship. Never has France and England, by the sea comfortable great land, nothing to me at war, so I keep it in my mercy.5.1


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