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THE SOUND OF YOUR LAST GOODBYE: A poem by Luis Sepúlveda


The last sound of your goodbye,
I told him that I knew nothing
and that it was
the time required
to learn the why of the matter.
So, between the stones
I knew that sum is to unite
and subtract that leaves us
alone and empty.
That the colors reflect
the naive desire of the eye.
That solfeggi and the sol
implore hunger hearing.
That roads and dust
are the reason of the steps.
That the shortest way
between two points
is the circle that unites them
in an embrace surprised.
That two and two
can be a piece by Vivaldi.
That genes lovable
inhabit the bottles of good wine.
With all this already learned
I returned to undo the echo of your goodbye
and in its place throbbing writing
The most beautiful love story
but, as the saying goes
you never stop
to learn and to doubt.
And so, once again
so easily how a rose
or biting its tail a star fleeting,
I knew that my work had been written
because the most beautiful love story
is possible only
in the serene and disturbing
calligraphy of your eyes. “LUIS SEPULVEDA 23-10-08 LISBOA - LISBOA FOTO DE PEDRO SIMOES

(Luis Sepúlveda)

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