A BOOK WITHOUT TIME, THE PRINCE: Niccolo Machiavelli, ie profit and virtue, in the hazy boundaries of power

2.1Few books, like this, books remain timeless. Suggestion of writing, combined with the criteria of logic and passion, make it the object and subject of the issues relating to power and success. If you think – reading it – to remain indifferent, you’re wrong. Profit and virtue, together to concerns of power, are a reality that goes beyond the boundaries. http://www.lafeltrinelli.it/libri/niccolo-machiavelli/principe/9788807820298

Any limit geographic, political, social or religious, you are proposed in a remarkably current. PRINCE, is a series of 26 chapters, where meetings virtue and fortune, right from the first page: “wont most often those looking to buy favor with a prince, get him to meet with those things that have their infra dearest, or of which they see him more delight. “ http://www.amazon.com/The-Prince-Nicolo-Machiavelli/dp/14782479403.1



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