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UNITED COLORS OF WAITING – Wait a look, preparing the unacceptability of truth

2.1ACCEPTANCE – Heraclitus: You’ll never find the truth, if you are not willing to accept even what you did not expect to find. EXPECTATIONS – G.G. Marquez: He who awaits much can expect little. WAIT – LA Seneca: The biggest obstacle is the expectation of life, which depends on tomorrow but wasted today. 3.1JOYOUS WAITING – E. Montale: But wait joy is more polite. HESITATIONS – P. Coelho: Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But do not know what decision to take is the worst of suffering. EXPLAINED DELAYS – S. Márai: Nothing ever comes in time, life never gives us anything when we are prepared to receive it. We suffer long because of this disorder, these delays. We are convinced that someone will take the game to us. But one day we realize that everything was preordained according to a perfect mechanism. Two people can not meet even one day before when they are mature for their meeting. 9.1LONG EXPECTED – M. Mazzantini: I have lived all these years waiting for him, this time relaxed. All this will not make sense without her look. PASSIONS – F. de La Rochefoucauld: The wait diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones. FIND THEMSELVES – W. Shakespeare: But when I think of you, my dear friend, what was lost is found, and every pain has no end.8.1

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