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SCENT OF HOLLAND: A cross of ashes, in different moods, next to a lonely farm


” In the most ancient layers of my soul,

which is made of stone,

blooms, intact fossil faded,

the stone flower of your face.

I can not get rid of you,

you only in my stone flourish.

The feast of pleasure is spent

But now nothing can separate me from you.”

3.1FARM LONE By Edward Hoornik

” The summer afternoon is like blond hair,

the house is high on the stone steps,

roadways are seen in children who walk

and sometimes you can hear the thud of an apple to the ground.

Sing small insects around my mouth

and the ears and hair reluctant

that were once soft like girl

and mom laughing tied them with a bow.

When you find that the evening descends,

the autumn wind begins and the trail narrows,

collect the apples in the round baskets;

do yourself a house with very solid walls,

above which the stars are burning like carbuncles,

a Farm Solitaire, tight as a fist.

4.1THE CROSS OF ASH By Jan Engelman

” Heres the front, make it gray!

Oh death, oh cool, youre close to me:

you who know me, and in the extreme

I know carnival.

It raised the mask to me, is so dirty

when I will fall into the pit

with hands clasped and her face white,

and excluded from the wintry day.

It all comes back in the end what it was:

the frail body a handful of ashes,

and above me will stay a child

singing in the wind of spring.


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