February 22, 2024 4:41 am

UNITED COLOURS OF THE DAY – Cherry blossoms and white horses of light, cross the river of the night, when the morning grows,

night_fantasy_l.1ALBA GREY – Akiko Iosano: From the cherry blossoms fall. Thus, in the gray dawn, stars detach from the sky. AURORA – Sophocles: The circle of the dark night, opens the white horses of the light. CANDLES MELANCHOLIC – N. Tikhonov: The gauze of clouds, to bandage the wounded day. LIGHT – FG Lorca: The light is God who descends. And the sun, for breach where it is filtered. FRESH THOUGHTS – G. Ungaretti: The morning has a crown of fresh thoughts, shining in the flourished water. notte.ln1.1STEPS OF FOG – P. Eluard: Take the road in the morning. Climb the steps of fog. Another day, to put to the world. Mattini COLLECTIBLES – F. De André: As long as the morning will grow, so that you can collect, brother of carnations and girls. OVER THE RIVER – E. Bishop: One foot of the sun, rested on the long ripple of the river. The first ferry of the day, had just crossed the river.



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