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GROUND WATER, WOOD AND LEAF: Above the earth smooth, contemplating life with you. United Colors Spanish words

POETRY – By Joseba Sarraionandia “The poetry created the earth, the earth created water, the water created the wood, Wood created the leaf, the leaf created the wind, the wind created the goldfinch, goldfinch created poetry. The poetry of the earth killed the ground water killed the water killed the wood Wood killed the leaf the leaf killed the wind the wind killed the goldfinch goldfinch killed the poetry.” 2.1WOMEN’S RELAXED – By Federico García Lorca “To see you naked is reminiscent of the Earth, Earth smooth, clear of horses. The Earth without a cane, pure form closed to future limit of silver. See you naked is to understand the anxiety Rain looking slender waist, the fever of the immense sea face that misses the light of the cheek. The blood, ringing in the alcoves, come with swords blazing, But you will not know where you hide the heart of toad or violet. Your belly a fight roots, alba no outline your lips. Under the roses warm the bed mourn the dead waiting for your turn.” 3.1LIFE IS DREAM – By Pedro Calderon de la Barca “Yes tell; I know not respect how I look, with what affection I revere, estimate how I attend, I dare not tell is this enigma outer garment, for it is not from what appears. Judge warned if I’m not what I seem Astolfo and Estrella wine to marry, if you can offend me. Tired I said.” 4.1DON QUIXOTE OF LA MANCHA – By Miguel de Cervantes “He lived, not long in a land of La Mancha, I do not want to remember what it’s called, a idalgo of those who take lance in the rack, antique plates, skinny nag and hound. He ate three fourths of its revenue to eat rather than castrated ox, meat with sauce on most nights, Saturday crumbs of sheep sore happened, lenses on Friday, with the addition of some pigeon on Sundays.” 5.1SINGING THE CHILDREN – By Antonio Machado “They were singing the silly songs for kids of something that passes and never comes the confused history and clear it. He poured the source of his eternal legends: faded history, narrated it.” LOVE ASLEEP – By Jorge Guillén “You were sleeping, arms set me and beset my insomnia. Apart and the sleepless night, below the dam moon? your dream around me, I was dreaming.”6.1


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