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A SPECIAL PLACE, WHERE TO START AGAIN: Faial, Azores. Imagine having your luggage ready for departure, but imagine also that you have only the one-way ticket

casa1Excuse me, in her email Chanika had also told the story of two Italian jobless – with two children in pre-school age – that she has met on her journey to the Azores islands, namely the island of Faial. Those two were looking for a place to start, and a city of northern Italy have tried to imagine present a more ‘pleasant, just in a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. According to what my Thai friend wrote to me, those were the only islands that possessed all the requirements for their choice of life: unspoiled nature, tranquility, zero crime and no industrial pollution, but also with human rhythms which ensured a better quality of life.

chiesa1Those two had sold their home in Italy, buying a modest cottage on the island of Faial. By limiting the costs of restructuring, they have created a really cozy house (which Chanika personally have observed). He started to paint pictures of small size, which sells to tourists in the pizzeria who have created the ground floor of their new home. Attending their home, my Thai friend has known the other foreigners living on the island, a small cosmopolitan community, now bilingual, who had learned Portuguese with little difficulty. As Portugal is a European country, any European citizen can seek home and work without special permits, with all rights of citizenship, including public health care.

mangiara1Chatting with all that her new friends, Chanika was able to ascertain that the past of each of them it was just nostalgia for some people, but none of them had any regrets about the stress and pollution. In the archipelago does not exist the economic crisis on the continent, because tourism continues to garner strong support, offering excellent opportunities to those who have creativity and desire to do, and living better with less. The summers of the Azores rarely exceed 30 degrees, and their winters are mild, with verdant islands laden with bananas and pineapple, along with every type of vegetable, allowing their family to live with 500 euro per month. Obviously, there is no gas bill for heating!

muretti1I advise you to visit the island of Faial, because I know your love for the sea and for a better life. Obviously you will need to remember that that archipelago isolated is able to offer you all the solitude you want, looking for the simplicity of touch with nature, away from the crowd, a small paradise where you raise your children, giving them in imprinting that will stay with them forever wherever they choose to live in the future.



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