February 22, 2024 5:47 am

SOUS LES SABOTS, THE CAMARGUE: Watch a flamingo is nice, but admire it while you’re riding is fantastic

CAVALLIBIANCHI.1The Camargue 3ACAVALLO.1horse is trained since the age of three years to be calm and sociable with his guests, but if you have no experience as a rider, you need not be concerned, because the walks are carefully managed by qualified carers. If you accept my idea, we can walk the sandy beaches of the Camargue, with beautiful views of the natural heritage where the show is in the midst of the marshes, and we will not have to pay an extra ticket to admire the flight of pink flamingos. the emotion is overwhelming.

CAVALLI.1http://www.arnellescamargue.com/en/promenades-et-decouvertes/ .  For a small horse ride, lasting one hour, we spend only 18 Euros, but if you do not have any experience of this type, you may prefer to spend 50 Euros for an initiation course divided into two parts. At 10:30 we can experience the paths of sand and grass, while in the afternoon, from 14:30, try the thrill of riding out to the beach, returning finally to the base through Les Etang de Vaccarès. http://www.arnellescamargue.com/en/journees-a-cheval-en-camargue/ . If we choose this second option, the price also include a good pic-nique.






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