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A FRIEND INSEPARABLE: Open your eyes to the emotions, telling the past to imagine the future

1.1Take it with you, on every trip. No, it is not a friend, is a travel notebook that you can find on this site to return to travel in your memories. He is a piece of leather craft and recycled cotton paper, he is made entirely by hand and he can be your travel companion, perfect for writing and drawing, sketching and note, to keep details to give to your future. Do not be afraid to make your travel journal, no tree has been cut down, and your EUR 46,36 are well spent.

2.1I will recommend the model because it has a particular type of binding ancient, that of medieval diaries, but also because 160 pages – suitable for pen and the marker or crayon, offer you the chance to add the nuances of your emotions, what time they will never fade. Sure, he’s a hand-made product, for your hands, and it is with him that you can travel in the memories.

In the ancient Latin language, Caius Titus wrote a sentence for us, and it copertina1still has value for us who love to travel, “Verba volant, scripta manent”. Maybe you do not know Latin, but common sense can help you: “Words fly, things written they remain.” When traveling, you can annotate fresh impressions, feelings, and subtle nuances of emotions that cannot be reproduced with a camera. But coming home, when you open your travel notebook, you discover a new journey – three-dimensional and special – because the past, present and future, they are open to tell you to continue traveling, never forget that “no matter the journey, as long the horizon is extensive.”

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